Berkshire Queen Size Thigh High's

 Berkshire Queen Size Thigh High's is a great addition to your fantasy lingerie or sexy fancy dress party costume. Berkshire Queen Size Thigh High's gives unprecedented stretch and comfort! Berkshire Queen Size Thigh High's will fit legs of all sizes, short to tall and curvy, as well as everything in between, and they'll look great doing it. These hosiery offers classic sheer pantyhose for working and career women. Good thing Berkshire regularly carries a variety of hard-to-find hosiery in plus-sizes or in Queen Size. These hosiery is a very sexy line of hosiery and these are at the top of the line. Very sheer and good looking, they fit good and feel so good on your legs. Berkshire Queen Size Thigh High's add a touch of romance to any outfit, With stay up silicone for comfort and secure fit, they provide gorgeous coverage that looks like a concealer for your legs. Featuring graduated compression that tones and shapes legs with different levels of firmness, they're topped with lovely lace for a flirty feminine feel. Berkshire Queen Size Hosiery has an amazingly large and deep selection of socks, tights, pantyhose and other hosiery in just about every style that you can think of. Plus-size socks and hosiery can be some of the most difficult to find in stores.