Donna Karan Ultra sheer Pantyhose

Donna Karan Ultra Sheer Toner 0B107
Available in 4 Colors

Donna Karan Ultra Sheer Toner 0B107

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Donna Karan Evolution Collection has an innovative technology that revitalizes and invigorates the skin. It’s like a day spa for your legs! These hosiery features micro-massaging yarns to revitalize and an innovative knitting technology that sculpts legs.These hosiery are comfortable and look great! Donna Karan Evolution Collection is a new generation of legwear that approaches women’s needs in a holistic way. Yarn construction that is sensual to the touch and is truly a sensory indulgence that results in a beautiful, flawless finish. Beautiful, luxurious and aesthetically advanced micro-massaging hosiery that is soft, seductive and comfortable.