Jockey Mens Big & Tall Undershirts

Jockey Mens Big & Tall Undershirts are made of 100% premium cotton and super absorbent knit, these t-shirts are perfect for all day comfort. Jockey Mens Big & Tall Undershirts has a reinforced collar that helps them retain their shape after many washes and wears. These big and tall undershirts are available in crew neck and in v-neck. They are comfortable undershirts even in warm weather. These undershirt is a tag-free, reinforced collar and lightweight feel give way to long-lasting shape and breathability. Comfort comes in all shapes and forms, yet this t-shirt out does it all. Rising above the rest and provides the simple practicality you need to make it through the day. This everyday staple works well under anything; mix with dress clothes and look your best in a suit and tie. One less thing to worry about, rely on this t-shirt to provide comfort and ease with every wear.