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Jockey Women's Briefs

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 Jockey women's Brief is built with a foundation of comfort and functionality and there's no way to stray from perfection. These underwear fits perfectly and very comfortable. The waist and leg openings are very comfortable and covered in quality cotton. Jockey Women's Brief conforms the to fit just right as it naturally curves against the leg and hip. Forming to the natural curve of the leg and rising up to the waist level, this Jockey Women's Brief offers full coverage in a flattering way. Made with 100% cotton. Fabric covered waistband provides maximum stay-up power minus the pinch. The close fit is enhanced by cottony cool fibers and a comfy waistband. Jockey Women's Briefs will undoubtedly exceed your expectations and you will forever remember the comfort. These underwear is available in different sizes and colors. .