Sheer Control Top Pantyhose

Women's Sheer Hosiery is measured by the number of denier- the lower the denier, the sheerer the hosiery.  Any hosiery below 15 denier, for example, is extremely sheer and delicate. Women's Sheer Hosiery is ideal for every day or evening. We have the finest selection of hosiery with added strength that eliminates panty lines under lightweight or clingy fabrics. These hosiery look great under both short and long skirts, and when it has an element of control added it also keeps you looking trim and sleek under your favorite pants. Sheer Hosiery tend to come in several different shades, from neutral flesh tones to a nice black that gives your leg a nice shadow effect. These hosiery come in standard sizing, with a large range for queen size and full figure women.